Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Afghan Narrative | One Man’s Story

Wage Peace,
Pablo Ancona, Santa Fe, NM.

From the traveling mural exhibit Windows and Mirrors.

We now have an MP3 recording from last week’s excellent conference call briefing with Zaher Wahab. He describes the daunting challenges Afghan’s face and the rewards he received working with bright, capable, and enthusiastic students at a teacher training college in Kabul.

It is about the impact of war and the choices Afghans are making to create a brighter future. Make time to listen. You will be inspired.

Themes you will learn more about:

• The profound constitutional crisis
• The fiscal crisis triggered by the collapse of the largest private bank and the country being put on probation by the IMF
Government inability to provide security, employment opportunities, electricity, clean water, schools and health clinics for Afghans.

Dr. Zaher Wahab was born in Afghanistan, received a B.A. in sociology from the American University of Beirut, an M.A. in comparative education from Teachers College, Columbia University and an M.A. in anthropology and a Ph.D. in international development education from Stanford University.

He served as a senior adviser to the Minister of Higher Education in Afghanistan for five years from 2002-2007, and was instrumental in designing and now teaching the only Masters Degree program for teacher education faculty throughout Afghanistan.

He teaches Foundations of Education, Race-Culture-Power, Paulo Freire, and the Middle East in Global Perspective at Lewis and Clark College and has served as a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt, Turkmenistan and twice in Kazakhstan.

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