Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fatana Jahangir Ahrary | Two Poems


Like an enervated man
Gasping for air
Like a wounded bird
Searching for remedy
Like a guilty conscience
Seeking some virtue
Like a hungry child
Craving some sustenance
Like a thirsty creature
Yearning for some water
I want some serenity
I need some harmony
I am waiting for some tranquility
Come please Come
Peace Peace Peace


Remember you promised
When the birds fly back home
When the winter is gone
When the spring sun shines again
You will be here
You will be back
Winter is gone
Birds are back home
Spring sun is shining
You are not here
You are not back

by: Fatana Jahangir Ahrary

Working Note: I write poems mostly in Dari, but once in a while I write English. This is when I think in English. I do not translate my English poems to Dari or vice versa. I started writing poetry since I was in 4th grade but only in Dari and of course at that age no one considered it poetry. I taught myself English at home by myself and never took any classes to learn English. I started writing in English when I was 26 or 27 years old.

Bio: I was 21 years old when I came to USA. I am 40 years old now and work as a supervisor for Autosterade International of Virginia. I lived in New York for 16 years. My husband was killed in a robbery 14 years ago in New York. I have two daughters who are both in college. I now live in Virginia.

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