Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Years + Counting

10 Years + Counting invites artists and others to take this historic moment as inspiration and use the power of creativity to illustrate the costs of war and imagine a more peaceful world.

Paint it, dance it, sculpt it, write it, sing it! Imagine peace and create connections. Concerts, public art projects, garden parties, bake-offs, gallery exhibitions, street art, flash mobs, walks and runs: the possibilities are endless.

Turn the weeks of this anniversary of devastation into an unstoppable, irrepressible explosion of imagining the possible, a new beginning.

Event Calendar
Artist Gallery

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of taking part in a retreat at the Blue Mountain Center in New York to help think through aspects of this effort.

The gathering featured a wonderful community of artists, journalists, academics, veterans, educators, and organizations from around the US, committed to exposing the true costs of war and working towards a more peaceful world.

It was very inspiring.

Take a minute to check out the fantastic site.

And keep checking it...

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