Thursday, August 25, 2011

Herati Man | A Profile by Nasim Fekrat

I met this young man in downtown Herat, the oldest part of the city where the Citadel of Herat or Qal’a-ye Ikhtiyar al-Din is located. I took his photo from a distance so I could zoom in on his face to capture the bitter smile. I can’t forget his strong hand shook my hand while seeing cracks on his back hand and fingers because of tough winter weather. I invited him to a cup of tea, he shared with me his stories from the prison in Iran and showed me the scars and cuts left by beating by prison guards.

- Nasim Fekrat

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Nasim Fekrat is a two time winner of the Freedom of Expression Awards, in 2005 from RSF (Reporters without Borders), and 2008 from ISF (Information Safety and Freedom) in Siena, Italy.

To see more of his images and profiles visit his web page called Afghanistan Through My Eyes.

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