Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Air War Continues Despite Karzai Appeal

Last June, while teaching in Kabul, Professor Zaher Wahab (Lewis & Clark College) asked Afghan High School students – boys and girls – to draw pictures of their experience with war.

The powerful images have been incorporated into the traveling mural exhibit Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan.

This is one of the drawings. Click here to see a slideshow with all of the drawings.

If they [NATO] continue their attacks on our houses, then their presence will change from a force that is fighting against terrorism to a force that is fighting against the people of Afghanistan…. And in that case, history shows what Afghans do with trespassers and with occupiers.” – President Karzai

Noah Shachtman documents the continued NATO bombing following the announcement last week banning airstrikes on Afghan homes after US war planes killed civilians in consecutive strikes.

NATO’s response to Karzai’s threat has been to launch 12 airstrikes a day, a slight increase in the rate of attack runs that coalition planes have typically flown this year. NATO aircraft fired their weapons on 48 sorties in the four days following Karzai’s pronouncement, according to U.S. military statistics. 31 of those attack flights came last Friday, June 3.

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