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Voices of Afghan School Children | Zaher Wahab

Zaher Wahab has asked colleagues – and their students – to write or draw about life and war. Here are some of the recent wishes translated from Pashtu and Dari.

The selected drawing really tells the story. Click on the image for a better view.

“War causes death, destruction and ruin. If / when there is war, children are unable to get on education or study. Peace is the best thing. When there is peace and security, we can enjoy life, build our country and make progress. During peace time, children can attend school, get educated, learn knowledge and skills, work, and serve their families and our beloved country ( a seventh grade girl).

Peace is an indication of good fortune; peace is mandated by the holy Quran. In order to establish peace between two governments or two individuals, we need an intermediary party to make peace. These wars in our country have destroyed peace. Peace is very Afghanistan’s hope and dream. We pray that Allah almighty will bring peace, stability, and security to Afghanistan.

Due to the endless wars, violence and upheaval over the last three decades, Afghan children have faced countless and serious difficulties, which have scarred them physically and emotionally. Current living conditions for children too are intolerable. Afghan children are sick and tired of war; because war has deprived the children of their parents need and demand peace (A seventh grade girl).

Bring / provide peace, tranquility, reconciliation and coexistence, because we humans need peace. Where are there is peace and security, people are happy and comfortable. And when people feel secure and happy, they can serve/ help their families and country better and more effectively. Our beloved country needs peace desperately and urgently. War has done deep and serious damage to our beloved country- and to our people. Afghanistan is the home of all Afghans, and they should be able to, and must live in peace in their homeland. We must study hard, rebuild the ruined country, and take active part in the progress and development of our country (An eighth grade boy).

Long live (the Afghan – US friendship). Unity is the best thing ( an eighth grade boy).

I have three wishes / needs:
1. I want peace and stability throughout the word, but especially in our beloved Afghanistan
2. All Afghans, including us children want / desire / peace
3. All of us Afghanistan children detest and dislike war and destruction ( by a seventh grade boy).

The government system must deploy everything within its power to prevent the kidnapping, trafficking, sale exploitation, and / or abuse of children in the country (the grade boy).

Afghanistan is a proud, dignified and Islamic country. Afghanistan is a famous country with courageous people. The Afghan nation leads lives of dignity and courage. But the traitors and the enemies of our religion and country betray and attack us all the time. Millions of Afghans have been displaced and migrated to neighboring and other countries where they lead dignified and honorable lives; where er they happen to be Afghans are proud of their culture, dignity and religion; because Afghanistan is a country of true believers in God/ Allah, Islam and their culture ( Seventh grade boy).

We must not abuse, oppress, or humiliate our children. We must treat our children nicely and kindly; and we must allow them the freedom to defend their rights, and receive good education – so they can become good adults Muslims and citizens who will serve the country. We should listen to what they have to say so they can acquire the courage to speak up (Eighth grade boy).

Give peace and security, we can lead happy lives, get an education, build our country and achieve progress. We do not war and turmoil in our country anymore. We desperately need, want and demand peace. We love our homes and our homeland and do not want them to be destroyed (Seventh grade girl).

Cigarettes and drugs are harmful to our/ your health. Do not let or allow anyone to get you to use or sell these narcotics anywhere or any time (Seventh grade boy).

I love my mother more than myself. Women constitute half of the human race and society. They must not be mistreated or subjected to abuse or cruelty. Especially Afghan women, who have, over the decades of war suffered enormously and have endured lots of hardships; but who still managed to protect and take care of their families and homes. Afghan women really are heros (Eight grade girl).

Life has meaning when there is peace and security. Then life and everything else will be full of joy and happiness; and there will be no pain, sorrow or tragedy. A life of peace is truly beautiful (Seventh grade girl).

Afghanistan is a mountainous country where more than 60% of the area consists of mountains. The country has many rich natural resources such as iron, gold, copper, uranium, lithium, oil, gas timber and rivers. But we are extremely poor (Eighth grade boy).

War always produces death, destruction and misfortune; it burns everything in its path. And I hate the savage face of war; we do not war anymore. Peace is always beautiful, and it is God’s greatest gift to his creation the humans. During peace everything becomes beautiful and humans make progress; we build our country; and people are physically and psychologically better of. Peace, I love you and I need and want you (Fourth grade girl).”

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