Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afghanistan: What is Human Security?

Human security is a concept that focuses on the protection of individuals; challenging the traditional idea of national security that simply seeks to defend the physical and political integrity of a state. It's a big idea.

The greatest threats to human security is armed violence; destroying lives, opportunity and the hopes of millions for a better future. The current conditions in Afghanistan shows the devastating effect of thirty years of war. These wars have been fueled by invading armies as well as massive weapons transfers by the international community to various militia and resistance forces.

Trying to mitigate the impact of on-going wars does not work. The international community clearly has a responsibility to provide generous and transparent assistance to the people of Afghanistan. The repair and recovery will take place sooner with the removal of foreign military forces. The global humanitarian assistance website illustrates the challenges.

What you will find

One in four refugees in the world in 2009 was from Afghanistan
United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights

A child born in Afghanistan has the world’s highest probability of dying by age 5 World Health Organization(2008)- Ranked 195 of 195

Life expectancy is 42 years old
World Health Organization(2008)- Ranked 187 of 188

Adult literacy is 28%
UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (2007) - Ranked 189 of 190

Human Development Index: Ranked 155 of 169 (Human Development Report, 2010)

Global Peace Index: Ranked 147 of 149 (Institute for Economics & Peace, 2010)

Additional Resource: End Reliance on Military Solutions

The number of US Troops in Afghanistan: 100,000
Cost per year to deploy those troops: $100 Billion

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