Thursday, March 31, 2011

Before You Enlist

Looking at the root causes of violence.

Our government spends $2.1 million every minute of every day on the military. We are deeply concerned by the recruitment of young people into that structure of violence. Before You Enlist has straight talk by veterans and their families – filling in the gaps – on what is missing from the sales pitch presented by recruiters and the military marketing machine.

It's a great resource for reaching out to young people being targeted by the government to join the military. It’s peace work.

One group that helps veterans deal with what they have seen and done after joining is the Warrior Writers Project. Tina Garnanez has one of the many stories about the decisions people make. She was a medic. It’s a multimedia look at the need to end these wars and how she got there.

Additional Resource: The Recruiter (HBO Documentary Films)

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