Thursday, March 8, 2012

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | International Women’s Day

To Tell One’s Story is a Human Right

Writers and poets speak out, sharing their ideas for how Afghanistan, which ranks as one of the world’s most oppressed countries for women, should celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8.

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Celebrate with village women. Tell them about their rights, instead of celebrating in a big hotel and spending a lot of money. — Zarah A.

Give them a present. It can be a pen that costs just five afghanis. It is a great gift to reward their courage and to encourage their education. — Seema

A celebration in Afghanistan could be like caring for the soul. The best gift for a girl is to encourage and motivate her to grow her up to catch her wish, not to just put her under foot! — Zeinab N.

Establish some professional girls’ schools. Women need to be educated because they have to build a foundation in Afghanistan. The best gift for them is education. — Fatima

Let brave hearts fly and thank women for all that they have done in these years! — Masooma

Have meetings about the position of women in society and spread the culture of respect for women in Afghanistan. Men don’t want women to be part of society because they say society is not ready for women. But we can’t have this kind of society. — Narges

Men should show their respect and support for women. This is a good present. I hope the respect is not just for one day. It should be forever. — Kamilah

Write about women’s day. Let people know women are the most important gift that God gave to the world and we should respect them. Without women we would not live. Let people know what they wish for. They are like a beautiful butterfly that makes the world full of colors. — Sana S.

I hope every man with honest smile on his face will look at his wife and say, “my life is nothing without you.” — Fatima S.

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