Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Caravan of Nonviolence to Jalalabad | AYPF Profile

On Sunday the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers began a Caravan of Nonviolence to Jalalabad. A city of the Mughal Empire previously known as Adinapour.

On Saturday there will be a unique Global Day of Listening call with students from the U.S.

Here is the announcement they sent to supporters

“As we set off on the road with a niggling worry, we wondered as usual, “Is non-violence possible in Afghanistan?

But then, that is like asking, “Is love possible in Afghanistan?

Or like asking, “Are Afghan mothers really human beings capable of love?”

Or, as in this video clip of our Caravan, “Do Afghan mothers wish the same for their children?

Jalalabad is where young people took to the streets peacefully to protest the US Afghanistan Strategic Partnership dealings and where much good exists despite foreign intervention.

As our host and friend in Jalalabad, Hameed Tasal, would say, “Come to Jalala-good!


Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers”


Additional Resource: Global Day of Listening | 9 March | Jalalabad

SPECIAL Afghan Conversation with AYPVs from Jalalabad:
Students in USA on March 9 ~ 10:30 am EST

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