Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Organizing to Stop the War | Bring WAM to Your Town

The Windows and Mirrors exhibit is a touring mural arts project. The goal is to stimulate dialogue, discussion, and action to end the war.

To compliment the full display, currently in Washington DC, we have created two ‘community’ exhibits that feature stunning vinyl reproductions of the murals and replicas of the Afghan high school student drawings. The article and images above is from one of the community exhibits. It was a front page story in the Burlington County Times yesterday.

If you are interested in bringing this resource to your community send a note to exhibit@afsc.org. It's a great way to reach new audiences.

You will be in good company. Upcoming locations include Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Fort Collins, Charleston, Chicago, Dayton and Coralville. See the full schedule here.

Background: The unique panels created by international artists and US students help us imagine the experience of Afghan civilians - from death and destruction to hopes for peace. Drawings by Afghan students in Kabul – collected in June 2010 – provide an up close look at life in a war zone. At over 900 square feet, this mural is not a single painting, but an oversized statement on the human cost of war. It is not the voice of one person, but that of an engaged artistic community. Their collective voice comes through with power and volume, speaking to us on both intellectual and emotional levels.

In addition to the murals we have a new partnership with Community Supported Films. Together we will make available the powerful documentary shorts The Fruit of Our Labor.

Each short documentary offers a personal and first-hand Afghan point of view rarely seen or heard in the US, even after 10 years of intense media coverage. As a series, these films bring to life Afghans’ daily efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions – providing an insider perspective beyond the battlefront coverage that dominates western media.

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